7 Simple Steps for improved digestion and metabolism


1. Eat moderately your main meal at lunch. Eat cooked, natural, fibrous food with very little raw foods. Raw food taxes the digestive process as it consumes a lot of energy to cook it. Eat meals at regular intervals.


2.Eat by integrating mind and body. Chew your food well. Avoid snacking in between meals when you are not hungry. Start with a prayer or gratitude.


3. Use spices when you cook. Sprinkle on steamed vegetables, sauté them in oil or use them in herbal teas.


4. Monitor your intake of warm or room temperature water. You can add coriander seeds(cooling) or cumin seeds(warming) to the warm water. Sip water with meals, start your day with warm water and honey or ginger. Drink water in between meals to hydrate yourself. Do not drink iced water with meals.


5. Try to include all the six tastes, sweet, salty, sour, pungent, bitter and astringent in daily meals.  


6. Sleep at the same time every night. Have a calming routine after an early dinner and, relax to digest your food before sleeping.


7. Exercise regularly. Walking every day for half an hour helps immensely. Practice yoga to become aware of your breath and to balance metabolism.