Ayurveda is a holistic medical science practiced for over 5000 years.  It is the science of longevity and experience. This science empowers us with a manual of preventive and management tools regarding lifestyle, nutrition and remedies to maintain health.  It is a personalized medicine that addresses your unique body type.  Body type is assessed through the dominant qualities and their functions present in your genes.

Life is a flow of matter and energy.  Our surroundings are always changing and we are always changing. There is an intrinsic relationship between our external world and our own world.  The five elements space, air, fire, water and earth exist everywhere around us and we are part of this natural world, these elements exist within us too in similar qualities that have various functions.  The functions of these qualities define health or disease.

Definition of health: The individual whose Doshas (biochemical energies), agni (digestive fire), dhatus (tissues) are in balance, whose elimination malas (waste) is regular, whose thinking is clear (spirit is content), senses are sharp and mind is peaceful is called a healthy person.

samadoshaha samagnicha samadhatu mala kriyaha
Prasanna atmendriya manah swastha iti abhidhiyate
— Text, Charaka Samhita

The fundamental principle of Ayurveda has a very common sense approach. 

  1. Like qualities increase similar qualities.
  2. The opposite qualities balance out each other to maintain balance.  For example, when it is cold outside our bodies become cold too.  When we wear a warm coat we balance the cold qualities with warmth. 

The majority of physical problems is due to improper digestion and low immunity. The cause of most digestive disorders is stress.

Following a diet suited to your body type, daily and seasonal routines and exercises, right associations, relationships and a balanced yoga practice will provide a great prevention plan for staying in positive health. 

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