Yoga is for everyone : Yoga is for health, longevity and a tranquil mind

- Sri. T. Krishnamacharya

My Practice Motto: Keep it Safe, Stable, Simple, Supported & Sweet.

Yoga uses postures and breathing at the basic level to raise our levels of awareness and attain the main goal of yoga, which is mental steadiness.

In meditation, we reach higher levels of mental balance and clarity leading to greater self-realization.  Our minds primarily function through a complex mixture of perception, identification, decision-making and memory. 

Yoga as a practice, offers several tools to calm our minds and reintegrate the whole system for daily living. All aspects of the practice help us delve within to gain knowledge about who we are and our relationships.

Yoga therapy is adapted to the current needs and conditions of your own body so stress can be reduced. Learning to practice yoga is a process. You will attain alertness and relaxation with comfort and stability.

To be consistent in our efforts and achieve personal goals, we need to have faith in the practice, eat fresh and appropriate food, have respect, discipline, serve others and have a good positive attitude.

Take this quiz to check your overall health:

  1. I have pain and stiffness in my back, neck, legs and joints.

  2. I tend to get anxious easily or a feeling of depression in the background.

  3. I get gassy, bloated or have some belly discomfort.

  4. I catch seasonal allergies or get colds and flu quite often.

  5. I am unable to sleep fall asleep at night or wake up and can’t fall asleep.

  6. I feel my mind is always active.

  7. I find it hard to concentrate on what I am doing or one thing.

  8. I have difficulty breathing or I hold my breath.

    If your answer is YES to 3 or more, you need to reduce stress.

    Please call me and I can help.