Yoga is for everyone : Yoga is for health, longevity and a tranquil mind

- Sri. T. Krishnamacharya

Yoga uses postures and breathing at the basic level to raise our levels of awareness and attain the main goal of yoga, which is disciplining our minds. Disciplining our minds is meditation, where we reach higher levels of mental balance and clarity leading to greater self-realization.  Our minds primarily function through a complex mixture of perception, identification, decision-making and memory. 

What is it like to live from the inside out?  Do anger, anxiety and negative emotions stifle you? Do fear and worry prevent you from being happy?  Do you sleep well?

Do you need to be more focused? What is it that you are seeking? How are your relationships?

Are you aware of your breathing and would you like to learn how to use it to enhance performance, reduce fatigue and live life mindfully?

 A well-rounded yoga program will focus on stability and comfort, improve strength and flexibility, bring clarity and focus to lead you to more awareness and better relationships.


To be consistent in our efforts and achieve personal goals, we need to have faith in the practice, eat fresh and appropriate food, have respect, discipline, serve others and have a good positive attitude.  


By having a personalized practice, yoga is adapted to the current needs and conditions of your own body so stress can be reduced. Learning to practice yoga is a process. It is not about achieving the perfect pose but understanding of how this process functions within you so you can attain alertness and relaxation with comfort and stability.