VATA season- Fall/Winter

This season is cold, dry, windy, rough, all qualities of Vata Dosha so to be in balance with nature our diet and lifestyle must be designed to resonate with this energy.


1. Eat your main meal at lunch. Eat warm, moist and heavy foods to balance the Vata Energy. Pumpkin, squash and soft mushy soups, stews with root vegetables, pasta with gravy, rice with sauce and curries. Try not to have too many cold items. Eat a few nuts like almonds and pecans which are heavy and oily. Organic butter and natural cheeses are good choices for fats.  Reduce or avoid salad, raw vegetables and raw fruits as these are drying and rough in this weather.  The tastes in foods should include more of sweet, salty and sour tastes.  Try to reduce intake of pungent, astringent and bitter tastes.


2. Drink herbal teas with cumin, fennel, ginger and mint. Stay away from cold water and iced teas. Try a cup of warm milk or almond milk before bedtime.

VATA Balancing tea- 2 cups water,

                                   1 tsp fennel seeds

                                   1 tsp coriander seeds

                                   2 pods of cardamom

                                   raw sugar (optional) 

Heat water in a pot. Add crushed fennel, coriander seeds and cardamom pods. Boil for 3-5 minutes. Turn off heat, strain in a cup and add Raw sugar for additional sweetness.


3. Go to bed early. Wake up early when the weather is calmer. Avoid areas with loud noises, disturbing music and driving fast.  

4. Reduce the number of activities in a day. Doing things too fast, planning too many things in a day to occupy your mind aggravates Vata qualities. Listen to soft soothing music and slow down all actions.

5. Exercise regularly in moderation. Excess physical activity can deplete the tissues, increase dryness and lead to nerve and joint issues. Practice some dynamic asanas, pranayama and meditation.  If you have a very tight schedule, try to observe your breath for a minute at least 10 times a day.

6. Massage your body with warm sesame oil before a shower. It lubricates joints, builds strength, eases wrinkles and dryness.

7. Optionally, wear warm colored clothes just like the weather. Orange, yellow, reds.