Location: Saratoga, CA. Sessions are held privately in your home or my yoga space.

Private practice

You are unique. You are like no other individual. Yoga is a very personal pursuit.  The key is to establish a personal practice.  As a yoga therapist my purpose is to help restore balance by considering your constitution, age, dietary and mental habits, nature of work and schedules, relationships, exercise and imbalances. You will start from your current condition to develop a safe, reliable and functional practice that can serve you daily.  All you need to bring  in is your motivation.

  • Self - practice allows you to practice at your own pace

  • Increased alertness and awareness of connection between body and breath

  • Deeper journey within

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Group practice

In addition to the main private practice, a small group practice provides friendship and community. The emphasis is always on the spine and asanas are always done with breath based focus for internal alignment. The energy, support and camaraderie in the room from a group of similar practitioners can provide a good emotional network.  The collective intention of the group at the beginning of practice allows for deeper connections.  Besides, in a group setting,  it is quite helpful to follow instructions that will stabilize your private practice. 

SCHEDULE for group practice

Thursdays- 7.30-8.30 pm.  Sundays -8- 9 a.m.

 CALL 925-351-7925 or email rkyogaandayurveda@gmail.com to schedule an appointment.