I have had severe hip pain for awhile and was considering seeing a chiropractor or a specialist. I started sessions with Raji and she recommended certain exercises to do daily and it has given me so much relief.


"My son and I decided to learn and practice yoga for various reasons. My son wanted a private class and was not fully convinced about the benefits. I had learned yoga in India when I was a kid and was a bit more self conscious.
Raji took all of this into consideration and tailored our classes such that we learned something new in each class, and continued to practice what we had learned in earlier classes. So, each class was fresh and interesting. She looked at the program holistically and was able to help us change from within. In my first session, I was able to gain calmness along with being alert. It was life-changing.
The results were apparent to us and everyone around us, in terms of physical, mental and behavioral changes in our daily lives.
Thanks to Raji, we are better prepared to deal with the daily pushes and pulls of life with equanimity. I would recommend her to any and all prospective learners and practitioners who wish to fine tune their yoga practice.”

V.T and G.T

I went to Raji for my psoriasis condition which I have been suffering from for past 10 years. During my first consult with her, she spent time to understand my diet and lifestyle and at the same time explain in detail her approach to the treatment. She provided guidance on diet, lifestyle and also Ayurvedic medications. Within 6 weeks, I saw a dramatic improvement in my skin condition. Itching and flaking were reduced by 50% in the first 4 weeks. Raji's compassionate approach combined with ayurvedic treatment is something I would highly recommend for anyone with psoriasis. 

Anjali. D

Learning about movement and breath and how I can use it has changed my life tremendously.  I have done yoga before but with Raji I learned what was the appropriate practice for me. I am able to manage and get relief from chronic aches and pains. I have grown so much in the past few years with all the Ayurvedic routines, yoga practices and support.  I have become much calmer and often notice myself watching my own self from outside several times a day.  I have become confident in handling stress and do less (although it is very hard for me, due to my constitution-prakriti!)  Thank you for being an amazing friend and a wonderful wellness coach! You are one of those rare individuals who practice what they preach! 

 Saradha. S

Raji opened my eyes to a world of yoga that is more a way of life, that benefits your mind, body, and soul. She integrates breathing, focus, discipline, and asanas into her class. I have benefitted tremendously from when I started 3 and half years ago. Not only is my lower back pain in check, but I feel more supple and energized. More importantly her teaching is constantly helping at an emotional level too by aiding in methods to cope with and relieve stress. I must say I am hooked to her style of yoga for life. 

Shanthi. N

I had chronic tiredness and muscle pains on a daily basis.  Raji is excellent  and her suggestions on lifestyle and diet has changed my life. When I practice yoga I feel total relaxation and calmness afterwards.  Hers is a total mind body holistic approach. No medications, products to purchase. I had some chronic uncomfortable pain symptoms that went away after the first week. Her sessions are a balm for headaches. It disappears!


I started yoga with Raji to help me meditate and reduce stress. I am learning to handle stress much better and in the process I am also learning a lot about life.


I wanted to get back into doing yoga and joined Raji's class. I really love the relaxation and keep going back to practice it.  The breathing helps me tremendously and I would recommend Raji if you want to learn good breathing and movement techniques.


 "I had to undergo a Dobutamine echocardiogram stress test. The test entails simulating a work out while I am resting to assess my heart function and stress/exercise tolerance.  Normally patients are asked to do this on a treadmill but because of my condition they want me to do this resting though I run twice a week.  Raji suggested a yoga practice to help me get my heart rate set and also to help me handle the test as it is quite unnerving.  The results turned out fine, but most importantly I realized the breathing aspect helped calm me down. My ongoing results actually surprise my physicians and nurses.  I believe that "conscious effort" we offer to each an every pose/movement - even something as simple as cat and cow, help alleviate the stress and anxiety associated with my condition which is an important aspect of dealing with a critical illness. Thank you so much."



Raji's recommendations for my son who suffered from coughing spasms, recurrent colds, congestion was surprisingly so effective.  She suggested changes in his food, and we created a management plan. She helped me become aware of future triggers and having a plan to prevent it, gave us control over how we dealt with his chronic discomfort. I have become more confident in helping him, so thank you so much for not having too many missed school days!



Attending Raji's classes has taught me about the value of posture and breath and integrating it in daily life.  I have no pain when I use her techniques during sitting, standing or even skiing!

Susan. D


Raji is a compassionate and knowledgeable yoga therapist and Ayurveda practitioner. Her weekly visits have brought much nurturing, patience and love to my household. The daily lifestyle changes she suggested to us are bringing us a deep level of healing and renewed vitality. I highly recommend Raji to anyone seeking greater health and happiness. 

Lisa B.


Raji has worked with our swim team for over four years years now. She has taught yoga and Ayurvedic nutrition to swimmers ranging from beginner level to All-American and Nationally Ranked levels. She currently works with several swimmers who will be receiving college scholarships for swimming and has been a big part of their success. Raji brings empathy, creativity, and passion to her work. The kids have not only gained flexibility and body awareness but also have grown in maturity and in the ability to maintain a positive state of mind amidst the pressures of highly competitive athletic events. Raji is continually bringing new perspectives to the kids which help them expand their belief in themselves and in their teammates. We feel fortunate to have Raji working with the kids on our team.

Thanks for all you do Raji,

 Coach Alex, LAC


"You have help me unite mind, body and spirit through your intuitive attention and care. I am so grateful that you take a deep concern. By practicing the yoga exercises you have shown me, I am able to get relief from sciatic nerve pain and my joint pains. following the diet, routine and meditation has given me a greater sense of well being. I am so thankful for my resilient body! I’m feeling stronger each day and I’m so thankful for my renewed energy and vitality!”

Thanks so much for everything Raji.

Love Ila. P



Raji, has been a great help to me. I met with Raji for some advice on how to change my diet and daily exercise. As I'm getting older, my metabolism is changing and I needed some ideas of how to balance that. One of her best recommendations for me was to eat my biggest meal at noon and a small amount early in the evening for dinner. It was somewhat a challenge with my family of six, but I managed to adjust and eat smaller portions at dinner time. It seems to be working well for me.

I've taken many of her yoga classes and enjoy them completely. She has taught me how to take time for myself. She taught me how to just shut my mind off for an hour. Try not to think about your daily routine, your next errand to run. I feel relaxed and rejuvenated after each class.

Thank you Raji!

Lisa. A


I have been taking yoga classes with Raji Krishnamurthy for the past five years. I have enjoyed her group yoga classes so much, that I've had several private sessions with her which helps me get the most out of yoga. I have a lot of lower back pain due to a tennis injury, and each time I leave Raji's yoga class, I always feel relief in my back. During the class, her relaxing tone of voice, choice of words, and her general presence allows me to focus on my yoga poses, my breathing, and just being in the present. In the past, my mind tended to race during shavasana,, but with Raji's calm directions, I am able to relax and rest my mind. She has also recommended that I slow down and not go from one appointment to the next (I tend to overbook myself). I have taken her advice, and I am a lot more calm, and able to enjoy the present rather than constantly thinking about what I need to do next. I recommend that anyone who is interested in yoga and/or meditation, should take Raji's yoga class.

Judy. B


Raji's meditation class has helped my spiritual growth tremendously. She has the most natural and gentle ways of leading the class. I look forward to her classes every week. 

Aiko. L