Yoga and Ayurveda for Daily Living


based in Saratoga, CA

In Ayurveda and Yoga, the flow of prana(life force) restores the balance in the system. The inherent nature of the body always wants to be in a normal, balanced and integrated state.

Our lifestyle, diet and senses may create obstruction in the flow of prana. To help you reintegrate and heal mind and body, I offer yoga therapy aligned with classical Ayurvedic principles.

We are all physical, mental and spiritual athletes, performing and living at a certain level or the other. The resources needed to maintain health, overcome effects of disease and injuries, and re-integrate and heal ourselves are already within us.   

We are all affected by environment, diet, exercise, lifestyles and thought-styles, breath, mental and emotional factors. The timeless knowledge and practical wisdom of yoga and ayurveda help us make intelligent choices for self-healing, improving performance and restoring balance.